WIN! A Grandeur Treo!



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    Rachel S (Edited )

    A huge congratulations to our winner Dee! Our Customer Care Team will be in contact shortly (via your email address supplied), to arrange your prize :)

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    Emma Fensom (Edited )

    How to untwist straps ☺ worst thing ever when that happens.
    My fave feature of the grandeur is the extending harnessesing 🙌🏼 Why ? Because it's the safest!

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    Alexandra Miller

    Car seat installation and safety would be a great article. My favourite feature is that it has 9 forward facing recliner positions. This is amazing as every child loves to sit differently in there car seat.

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    Melony Pedersen

    I think a great subject for a help desk article would be mould on carseats, and my favorite feature of the grandeur is the easy adjust harness because I babysit friends kids ranging from 18 months to 7 years and not needing to take the seat out every time it needs adjusting would be a dream come true 😀

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    Karli Koungras

    A help desk article: what you can and can't use when cleaning seat covers, seat and webbing. The dos and don't!

    And my fav feature of the amazing grander (I've been tossing up wether I need or want one) would absolutely be a one off purchase basically for your child's entire car seat using life. Which means saving so much money in the long run.

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    Lizz Horrocks

    How to untwist the seat belts, and best feature is how gorgeous the colours are and because it's the safest car seat

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    Catherine Millar

    A topic of my choice would be - Washing and care instructions pretty please. My favourite feature of the Grander is the size and level of comfort it provides a child from birth for many years to come. Plus the adjustable head rest. Xx

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    Jessica A Miller

    I believe a great article would be to discuss how to measure the child's shoulder height to chose the seat that's right for your child and how to harness correctly.

    My favourite feature iof the grandeur is the ease of installation, my grandeur is for my 2 yr old but ever second weekend I baby sit my nephews and if we go out I have to do a car seat shuffle and rearface my youngest nephew and out my 2 yr old in a rally while my other nephew goes into my 7 year old evolve and my 7 yr old uses his travel booster. Another grandeur would make life much simpler and be a great asset for future children to come.

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    Erin Bulmer

    A topic I'd love to see is how to ensure your child is strapped in properly.

    My fave feature is the easy adjust straps - it is brilliant!

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    Jodie Lee

    An article about when to put the twist n lift headrests up would be fab. As an installer i so often have clients come to me for the first time and their still have their 6+mth babies at the newborn height!
    The twist and lift is my fave feature on all Infa seats. I use it every day to adjust depending on which child is with me.

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    Catherine Still

    When to turn forward facing, too many people think 6 months is the law.

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    Sarah Jane Milmo (Edited )

    a book to show how to correctly strap your child in would be a life saver
    favourite feature would be easy installation and up to 8 years !!

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    Catherine Still

    Oops forgot​to add my favourite feature.

    When to turn forward facing, too many people think 6 months is the law
    My favourite feature and why is that it's the only seat you ever need and an awesome seat at that.

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    Kylie Embury

    Ways to convince grandparents and others that the correct carseats are crucial as is using them to at least the legal age.  I have so often heard, and sadly seen, people picking up children from school without the appropriate seat often saying "It's just this once"  or  "it's only around the corner", and feel that the message may not be getting through to all carers of children.                                                                                    

    I love that the Grandeur Treo will ensure that my son is as safe as possible until he is 8, and that it can then be passed on to the youngest member of our extended family to also ensure his safety for many more years to come.

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    Sarah Pellicaan

    I would love an article that covers the basics of checking your seat is installed correctly and your child secured (eg little movement at belt path, harness tight and untwisted, etc.) - something easy to read that I could share with new parents without overwhelming them further!
    My favourite Grandeur feature is the fact it is the narrowest type G.

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    Sarah de Jong

    I think you need an article about how important it is to have your child in the correct restraint for their age and height. I have seen so many posts lately of children under 4 years old in a booster with a car seat belt and they are under the minimum height markers. It kills me seeing it.
    My favourite feature of the grandeur is that it has extended harness for rear and forward facing.

    This is my dream car seat in the same colour for my 4 month old.

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    Kaz Taylor

    My article idea would be about when to adjust straps and when to change seats.... so seated height and shoulder markers.

    My favorite feature is only having to buy one set per child EVER.

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    Anne-Marie Wingfield

    I'd love to read an article on picking an appropriate car seat for your child's age group and seated height. I love that the grandeur is an 0-8yrs seat and can cater for a wide age group for a long period.

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    Tash McCorkindale

    I think a great artical would be to create a comparison between the seats for every parent to understand. Seeing your variety of car seats can be overwhelming and since you offer so many different features it would be great for parents to find the best for their needs. Whether it would be extended rear facing, recline, extended harnessing, seat width so every parent can narrow down their search easier 😊
    My favourite feature is actually a tie. I love both 'extended' features. Rear facing and harnessing! I could never choose just one

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    Peta Hill

    I'd like an article on how and where to fit multiple car seats. My favourite Grandeur feature is usage up until 8 years of age. It may be the only car seat I ever own 😊

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    Candice Stavast

    I think advice on safe ways to transport toilet training children. And my favourite feature of the grandeur is the extended rf and extended harnessing.

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    Jess Forrester Carlow

    Would love to see an article about why you shouldn't move your child up to the next type of restraint too early. Most people seem to turn straight away at 6 months then straight into a booster at 4, even if their child is way below the markers.

    My favourite thing about the Granduer is that it has such good recline when forward facing (excellent for older kids who still like a sleep in the car). Other extended harnessing seats don't seem to have good recline.

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    I think an article about best ways to wash car seats and caring for a car seat.
    My favourite feature would be that it has so many forward reclining positions I think this is great for the older kids who still fall asleep in the car

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    Emma Lim

    Agree with many about an article on cleaning carseats. I also think it would be great to have an article which helps identify when and how the seat should be adjusted as the child grows.

    I love that the seat is both thinner and allows you to have the 1 seat right through while still maintaining safety.

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    Stacey Sherman

    Favourite grandeur feature the fact that you only need 1 car seat from birth to 8 years. Avoids needing to purchase two in same time like other models that only cater from 6 months.
    Idea for help desk article- a checklist on a correctly installed car seat that you can complete and perhaps submit with pictures online so that as a company you get information on common problems with self installation and can therefore put together YouTube videos to show mistakes but also amend your instruction manuals with additional/clarifying information

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    Naomi Bloxidge

    An article I would find very useful is one on is my kid properly fitted. So one that covers the correct carseat for the height/weight of the child. Then are they actually in the seat properly, ie headrest at correct height, straps at correct slot, no twists in the strap, tight enough-pinch test. To cover the every trip check list.
    Favourite feature would be the twist and lift. The fact that most new parents get their sets professionally installed then have to un-install it mere months later to adjust it then possibly re-install incorrectly. This way you never have to take the seat out giving you that piece of mind that your child's car seat is safe every trip you do!

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    Kayleigh West

    I think a good topic would be seatbelt safety. Like, strapping in, strap height, when and how to adjust.
    Also love the whole car seat and want a 2nd for 2nd due in 3 weeks! 😮

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    Mellissa Preusker

    For me the importance of having a child properly restrained needs to be more publicised.

    So, as many have already said, an article (fairly indepth) explaining "why" we have best practice recommendations and why our laws are so far behind on those.

    So, things like rear facing til a minimum age of 2 (where possible) and also extended harnessing rather than putting a child who is quite simply "not ready" into a booster with seatbelt alone.

    I think explaining it in a simple but in depth manner is really and truly needed for parents to make informed choices.

    Also, I love the twist and lift ease of adjustment for different sized children in the Grandeur, it would make my life 100% easier when I have to transport a friend's daughter (both our children rear face but are a harness hole apart in seated height).

    Love what you do, and would LOVE a Grandeur, also so I will always have a seat that I can extended harness our daughter in. ❤

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    Lauren Moloney

    I think you should do an article explaining the bonus of your amazing inbuilt rebound bar! With pictures showing how much extra room kids have in Infasecure seats. One of the biggest complaints I hear when parents think their child has outgrown rf is that their legs are too cramped. My 4yo sits rf in Infasecure seats and other brands, and the difference in how her leg space in the different brands really is crazy! You guys should definitely make the most of this feature and talk it up big time as many people are completely unaware :)

    My favourite feature of the Grandeur is its deep seat. When looking for a type G I was constantly recommended another brand's seat, however on trying both, my daughter was much much more supported in the Grandeur. The depth of the base meant her legs were supported all the way to her knees and lessened the dangly feeling for her. A lesser known feature of the Grandeur but definitely my favourite. It's why I recommend it even to people who aren't looking to rear face!

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    Shayne Lithgow

    I'd like to see a help desk article on moving from a harnessed seat to a booster at 8 years (as opposed to no longer using any seat). My youngest is 5 and I'm unsure what the options for boosters are, especially as he's not likely to reach 145cm minimum recommended height for a lapsash seat belt until at least 9 or 10. I think many people would find this useful. My favourite Grandeur Treo feature is the one handed twist and lift adjustment for the headrest and harness so no need to take the seat out - brilliant!

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