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    Rachel S

    Hi Missy, the Lockie is designed to suit most vehicles, but there may be a rare few on the market that it may not be suitable for due to the size/design of the vehicles buckle tongue.  First thing to check would be that it is being inserted far enough to remain in place and lock the belt. Some belt buckles, like those found in recent Holden vehicles, have an angled belt slot in their buckle tongue, so while it is more difficult to insert, it is possible if you first angle the Lockie as you insert it.

    If you are are inserting the Lockie as far as it will go and/or inserting it to match the angle of the belt slot and it is still not staying in place, it unfortunately may not be compatible.  In this instance you don't necessarily have to revert to the Gated Buckle, as there are other options like the Exactus Clamp or our red SafeGrip belt clamp. http://infasecure.com.au/products/category/car-safety/accessories/ 

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