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    I'm Tom, by the way! I've been at InfaSecure for 15 years and somehow everyone here isn't completely sick of me! I have 4 boys in car seats and am LIVING THE DREAM.


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    Kylie Embury

    Hi, I'm Mum to two teens I'm teaching to drive (eek!) and a 5 year.  I also have 3 step daughters and 3 young step grandsons to make sure there's never a dull moment 😊

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    Veronica Hartwig

    Hi, I'm Veronica mum to a adventurous tall 2 year old boy. Also run a home sewing/photography/design business part-time whilst studying a bachelor of medical science at uni.

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    Jess Foley

    I'm Jess, I have a 2yo and on the side I'm a child restraint fitter :)

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    Missy Abbott

    Hi Tom! I've got 5 boys, 2 in car seats. I'm a big ERF advocate and Infa Secure fan :) my 13 year old still sits in a full booster. Yes, I'm that mum. Safety first!

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