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    Rachel S

    Hi Sarah, your question was pushed through to our Customer Care Team and they should be in touch shortly, but if any other community members have any suggestions, you are welcome to comment to! :)

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    Sarah Ansell

    I'm wondering if any style of tray table or cup holder are approved for infasecure seats? My very tall solid 2 year old is about to reach the shoulder marker to turn around and I'm wondering how to help him keep a hold of his drink bottle and snacks for long drives?

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    Hey Sarah!

    Unfortunately at this stage we aren't aware of any cup holders or tray tables that are suitable for use with our child restraints. A tray table wouldn't be recommended for use at any point due to the potential of it becoming a projectile in an accident. 

    Kind Regards,

    Customer Care Consultant

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    Missy Abbott

    Drink bottles are dangerous themselves. I usually stop for drink and snack breaks if needed. There was a photo I saw a few years ago of a toddler with his face sliced open from a plastic drink bottle in an accident.

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