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    Hey Ash!


    There are two occasions where we recommend a restraint to be destroyed after an accident.

    The first is if your restraint has been involved in a severe crash, you should destroy the restraint even if no damage is obvious. Some insurance companies offer vehicle insurance which covers or partially covers the replacement of your child restraint. We recommend you contact your insurer for further details.

    We consider a "severe crash" as being one where the main body structure of the vehicle is distorted.

    There is no method of truly determining if the restraint has been damaged in an accident, as damage maybe caused to the internal structure of the restraint and would not be visible in an inspection. We agree with the above from the Australian/New Zealand Standards Committee in recommending the destruction of the restraint.

    The second is if you were involved in a minor accident we're the child was occupying the restraint, InfaSecure recommends that the restraint be destroyed, as the continued safety of the restraint would not be able to be determined.

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